Montag, 5. März 2012

My favorite Lipsticks for Spring 2012

1. IQ Cosmetics - Blossom - BIPA (Austria)
sheer consistency, light color, wearable for work or school, inexpensive alternative

2. MAC - Blankety
creamy consistency, nude/beige color which looks natural but still visible, perfekt for mid-toned skin color, blue undertone, longlasting, bestseller of maccosmetics

3. p2 - copacabana - DM Drogerie (DE)
very creamy consistency, bright orangy-rose color, inexpensive alternative for i.e. mac vegas volt, perfect for still ongoing color-blocking fashion trend, suitable for most skin tones

4. KIKO LipLiner Nr. 200
matte consistency, red with slightly orange undertone, looks perfect on brunettes, longlasting, also suitable for ongoing color blocking trend, usable with lip balm or gloss on top for a creamy finish

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